Pride Month TBR Expansion – Juneteenth Book Fest

Happy Pride Month! We’re certainly celebrating Pride differently this year. It’s a great time to pick up a book and read about characters who aren’t living in a pandemic. Here are books from four authors that I’d highly recommend for your Pride reading list. All of these books are from authors of color as in … Read more

The Abookaclypse Cometh

A little while back, a poignant and heartfelt letter came from an author in Italy, projecting our futures in the weeks ahead as we followed behind them in distancing, lockdown, and quarantine. In this letter, Francesca Melandri had many things to say: funny (“You will have an unstoppable online social life”), thought-provoking (“You will count … Read more

QSAC Virtual Milk and Cookies Reading April 3rd

We’re trying something new in the age of the corona virus. On Friday, April 3rd, we’ll have a virtual reading on Facebook Live on the Queer Sacramento Authors’ Collective public group: We’ll start at 7 PM. Scott will open with a short video about the night and where things are. Then each author will … Read more

QUEER LOCAL: Finding Local Sacramento Authors

Hey all, For the inaugural Queer Sacramento Authors’ Coalition newsletter, I thought I’d tell you a little about how QSAC came to be, and then share all the ways you can find us local authors. In 2017, Pat Henshaw, Christopher Koehler and J. Scott Coatsworth sat down for a fateful lunch at the Tower Cafe. … Read more