The Birth of a Book Festival

Yesterday, it finally happened. For years, I’ve been whispering in the ear of anyone who would listen. Sacramento needs its own book festival. We got so close in 2020, when my own group QSAC was ready to launch a queer book fest at a local arts center. And then Covid intervened and shut everything down. But … Read more

Putting on a Reader Conference/Convention

We’ve all been to book conferences or conventions (at least we had prior to the pandemic). These events have moved to virtual settings and for the most part they are good substitutes until we can get back to face-to-face events (remember to get the vaccine shot). However, I have a feeling virtual cons will still … Read more

The Winter Solstice… and 2021 Is Coming!

Oh, it’s been an “interesting” year, hasn’t it? If an author wrote this year’s events in a novel, she’d be universally panned for her lack of realism. Oh, c’mon, people would say, all that horrible stuff couldn’t happen in a decade, let along twelve months. Well, ha. Right?  I’ve been very fortunate in that I kept my job(s), … Read more