QUEER LOCAL: Finding Local Sacramento Authors

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Hey all,

For the inaugural Queer Sacramento Authors’ Coalition newsletter, I thought I’d write about all the ways you can find local authors.


The QSAC website is one way, especially for queer authors – we list our members here:


To our members, if you haven’t sent me your short bio and link yet, this is a good time to do it!

2) Sac Fiction Writers

If you are on Facebook, check out Sac Fiction Writers:


With more than 100 members in the greater Sacramento area.

3) Hometown Reads


This is a brand new site, sort of a Nextdoor.com for local authors. It’s a great place to find authors of all stripes who call the Sacramento region their home.

4) Time Tested Books

Check this local bookshop’s events list on Facebook for a chance to hear local authors read their works:


Speaking of meeting local authors, we have another reading coming up, this one on friday, August 24th:


Click on “going” if you are able to come! We’ll also have a booth at the Rainbow Fest on September 2nd:


See you soon!

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