QUEER LOCAL: Finding Local Sacramento Authors

Hey all,

For the inaugural Queer Sacramento Authors’ Coalition newsletter, I thought I’d tell you a little about how QSAC came to be, and then share all the ways you can find us local authors.

In 2017, Pat Henshaw, Christopher Koehler and J. Scott Coatsworth sat down for a fateful lunch at the Tower Cafe. Pat said we ought to have a local queer writers’ group, and so we set about making it happen.

We found other local authors and invited them for a get together at Cafe Dantorels in South Sac, and QSAC was born.

Soon we were reading our works on a quarterly basis at the Lavender Library, and then selling books at tables at Sac Pride and the Rainbow Festival.

Each year we’ve grown. We now have more than fifty members. We still keep up those meetings at Dantorels and radings at the Lavender Library, but now we also read at local bookstores, attend Davis and Placer Pride, and this year for the first time we’re throwing a Queer Book festival at the MACC Center in Rancho Cordova.

How can you connect with us and other local fiction writers? Thought you’d never ask There are a number of ways:

1) QSAC Website

The QSAC website is one way, especially for queer authors – we list our members at the link above.

To our members, if you haven’t sent me your short bio and link yet, this is a good time to do it!

2) Sac Fiction Writers

If you are on Facebook, check out Sac Fiction Writers:

With more than 100 members in the greater Sacramento area. Not queer, but friendly.

3) Hometown Reads

This is a brand new site, sort of a Nextdoor.com for local authors. It’s a great place to find authors of all stripes who call the Sacramento region their home.

4) Time Tested Books

Check this local bookshop’s events list on Facebook for a chance to hear local authors read their works:

5) Capital Books

The new kid in town, they focus on local writers, and are another great hometown resource.

6) The Lavender Library

Did you know that there are only two stand-alone LGBTQ libraries in the US, and one of them is here in Sacramento? They’ve been staunch supporters of QSAC since its inception.

Finally, if you want to see where we’ll be in the future, check out our events page for the latest in upcoming appearance news.

See you soon!

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