T. C. Luther

T.C. Luther was born on the West Coast but relocated to a small farm in a rural community in the Midwest at an early age. Because there was minimal social contact on the farm, T.C. spent much time alone and developed the skill to conjure stories and artwork in his mind that, once put on paper or canvas, could be used for entertainment by many. As an adult, T.C. was drawn to academics, completed college with degrees in the creative arts, and focused his early career on art, architecture, and history. This desire for learning took T.C. from the Midwest to the South and New York City. After a stint in the Big Apple, T.C. returned to his origins on the West Coast, where he has found contentment and strives to live a life enriched with the beauty and creativity that his active mind creates for him and those around him.

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Email Address: t.c.luther.author@gmail.com

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