The Vitruvian Mask

The Roboticist of Versailles book 2

by BJ Sikes

Paris 1881: the new Naturalist king of France has banned all technology. Adelaide, formerly a high-ranking Scientist, is in hiding from his enforcers at the Hotel-Dieu, a Paris hospital run by nun-nurses with strange powers. She’s driven to use her forbidden scientific skills to help the Augmented veterans even though she faces execution if she’s discovered.

The Vitruvian Mask continues the story of Adelaide Coumain, the Roboticist of Versailles, that began in The Archimedean Heart but can be read as a standalone.


About the Author

BJ Sikes is a 5'6" ape descendant who is inordinately fond of a good strong cup of tea, Doc Marten boots, and fancy dress. She lives with one large cat, two sweet teenagers, and one editor-author, plus an array of chickens.

She write fantastical histories for modern feminists.

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