A Randy Cox Novel

by Liz Faraim

Pinned - Liz Faraim
Part of the Randy Cox Series series:
  • Pinned
ISBN: 978-1648906350
Pages: 537
Pages: 346

“Rowdy” Randy Cox, a woman staring down the barrel of retirement, is a curmudgeonly blue-collar butch lesbian, who has been single for twenty years and is trying to date again.

At the end of a long, exhausting shift, Randy finds her supervisor, Bryant, pinned and near death at the warehouse where they work. Upon the news of his death, she battles to find a balance between the joys of an exciting new relationship and the struggles of processing her supervisor’s unexpected passing.

The manner of her supervisor’s death leaves Randy unsettled and suspicious as she gets sucked into both a criminal investigation led by the police and an administrative investigation conducted by her employer.

As Randy seeks the truth, trust erodes, key friendships are strengthened, and more loss awaits her.

Publisher: NineStar Press
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Reviews:Maryann Kafka on Goodreads wrote:

In the way of lesbian literature, Liz Faraim knows how to write a captivating, beautiful and heartbreaking story. With Randy and her well made family: Darcy, Buck, Bear and Vivian, the author shows the loving friendship that lasts forever. It’s a story of lesbian’s that paved the way for so many, with their courage to be free to live their lives open and to work hard. Most of all, each of these women are wonderful, interesting, and memorable. The author really expresses the signs of age, with the aches and pains that Randy learns to deal with and sometimes it’s not as bad when others have it much worse. There’s a wide variety of emotions that are really brought out in Randy’s story. The author also brings the beauty of the scenery and danger that goes along with the adventure of riding a motorcycle. The novel also has moments of: deception, suspense, violence, joy, sadness and love. It also teaches a lesson to be aware of the rules and regulations of employment and know your rights.

“Pinned” is entertaining and realistic and I highly recommend, this first book of “A Randy Cox Novel” series and I hope Liz Faraim continues to bring more of Randy Cox to life. There is more about Buck, Bear and Vivian, and their start of their long friendship in Liz Faraim’s “A Vivian Chastain Novel.”

About the Author

Liz Faraim is a recovering workaholic who has mastered multi-tasking, including balancing a day job, solo parenting, writing, and finding some semblance of a social life.
In past lives she has been a soldier, a bartender, a shoe salesperson, an assistant museum curator, and even a driving instructor. Liz writes contemporary fiction that highlights queer characters and often includes complex polyamorous relationships.
Her writing has a hefty dose of soul searching and emotional turmoil while also taking the reader on fun adventures. She loves spending time in nature and does her best to share nature with her readers.

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