For You, Sir

by Emily Brandish

For You, Sir - Emily Brandish
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in

Jun Kim thrives as butler to the stars of L.A. His demanding job offers the perfect excuse to ignore his messed up family, and nonexistent love life. But his tidy, organized world is turned up-side-down when he’s hired to serve L.A.’s most challenging client: a depressive screenplay writer who quit writing after a nervous breakdown.

Once a shining writer-director, Einar Eriksen has become a shut-in after a crippling professional failure. He’s sworn to never write another script, and resents the movie studio for hiring a butler to spy on him. But as Einar learns of Jun’s wounded past, he commits to helping Jun toward self-acceptance, and unlocking his butler’s hidden sensual side…

For You, Sir is a sweet & spicy contemporary hurt/comfort MM Romance between an overachiever butler and his pleasure-Dom employer, where D/s play builds trust and empathy, and loving support can heal the wounds of the past.


  • MM Boss/Butler Romance
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • Later-in-Life Romance
  • Service sub + Pleasure Dom
  • Opposites Attract
  • Forbidden Love
  • Sexual awakening
  • Praise k!nk
  • Interracial Couple
  • Loving, Respectful Power Play
  • HEA Guaranteed

About the Author

Emily Brandish is a queer author of MM Fantasy books with twisty plots, complex characters, and extra-spicy spice.

She lives in Sacramento, CA and has been saying, "I'm going to be a novelist when I grow up!" since she was old enough to write a sentence.

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