Ever: Forged into Midnight

by Sen Taylor

Book cover for Ever: Forged into Midnight by Sen Taylor. The protagonist, a transgender man, is on the front cover. He has a long, black braid and is dressed in a blue uniform that shows the brand of Sagittarius on his chest. His arms are wrapped in black leather straps. A scorpion is crawling on his hand. A zodiac wheel is behind him.
Editions:Kindle - first: $ 2.99Paperback - first: $ 16.99
Pages: 360
Stories of war raised young Saya. In her nation of Sagittarius, little girls were molded into dutiful Sagittarian wives and mothers. But Saya wanted nothing more than to become a brave and honorable Sagittarian soldier, fighting against Scorpio, just like her father. She knew in her heart she was a boy, and nothing felt heavier than the expectations her nation imposed upon its children who had bodies like Saya's. That is, until the day she discovered what the weight of unspeakable tragedy felt like. Suddenly, with sword in hand, a quiver full of arrows, and a new name, Sai is thrust into an unprecedented life. He finally got what he had always wanted... but at what cost?
Reviews:Nicolas Dolern on Independent Book Review wrote:

"An epic post-apocalyptic tale of nationalism, gender, and war.... Forged is rich in character psychology.... A read for entertainment and imagination."

on Kirkus Reviews:

"Ruminative, queer dystopian fable... The writing is engrossing and punchy...and the action is energetic... A vigorous yarn that mixes stout swashbuckling with moody reflection."

ALS on Amazon wrote:

When I tell you this book is **Fantastic**, show me the lie. In the first chapter, you're immediately drawn into the character's stories, and the world they live in. The details of the scenes, and the life journey of the main character, Sai, gives you all the feels. The parallels of today's society is chilling. It's giving, movie franchise. Totally invested in the journey of these characters and the rest of the series. The only critique that I have, is that the author should have already released the rest of the series so I can binge read them already. If you want a book to make you feel totally immersed, you're wasting time reading this. Go BUy tHe BoOK!!!!

About the Author

Sen has been imagining and writing stories for as long as they can remember. As they are nonbinary, they know the struggle of body dysphoria and gender identity, and this lifelong journey is directly reflected in their writing. In addition to this, their extensive study and acquired bachelor's degree in History from the University of Davis, California along with their career as an interpreter have been especially influential.

Sen lives in Sacramento, California with their husband Eli and their Shiba Inu Navi.

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