These are the current QSAC author members:

Adams, Jeff
Jeff writes gay romance (usually featuring hockey players) and gay YA as well as co-hosts “BIg Gay Fiction Podcast.”

Alaniz, Rodolfo John
John writes historical non-fiction. His focus is the history of science, especially the history of evolution and the origin of the sexual sciences. John also dabbles in fiction from time to time.

Bunker, Lisa
Lisa is a trans author and activist who writes mostly middle grade novels with a high rainbow quotient.

Burlingame, Matt
Matt writes MM romance, paranormal and healthy dose of revenge fantasies.
Coatsworth, J. Scott
Scott writes sci fi, fantasy, magical realism, and MM romance, and has set a number of stories in Sacramento, including the River City Chronicles.

Faraim, Liz 
Liz writes contemporary lesbian fiction with a focus on feisty women who won’t back down.

Fielding, Kim
Authentic voices and unconventional heroes.

Franks, LE
Writes Gay Romance: primarily romantic comedy, contemporary, & shorts, w/a side of shifter.

Grayson, Chad
Chad Grayson is a queer, neurodivergent writer from Northern California. He writes science fiction and fantasy that focuses on relationships of all types, and those relationships are often queer. His characters tend to be people you can root for, but who might also be a hot mess. You can find him online at (where you can sign up for his monthly newsletter), on Mastodon @ChadGrayson@mastodon.otherworldsink.comand on tumblr @therandomavenger, as well as his facebook author page.

Haworth, Kelly
LGBTQIA science fiction and fantasy romance—spec-fic or bust!

Henshaw, Pat
Every day is a good day for romance.

Hinton, Kenneth R.
A California native studying for a Masters in English emphasis on 19th and 20th Century American Literature.

Kent, Davin L.
I write on men in rainbow colors.

Knauss, Will
Will writes feel-good, category gay romance and also co-hosts “BIg Gay Fiction Podcast.”

Johnston, Michael R.
Michael writes Science Fiction and Fantasy, with a focus on space opera stories featuring vast empires, epic struggles, and LGBT characters.

Lindsey, G.B.
LGBTQ+ romance, horror, sci-fi, historical fiction, YA, contemporary… So many genres, so little time.

Lopez, Michael S.
I write children’s fantasy (adult fiction coming soon).

Taylor, Sen
Sen is a trans ninbinary author who writes a dark, dystopian fiction series that features ftm trans and gay main characters.

Victor, Atish
Atish (he/him and she/her) writes Young Adult and New Adult high fantasy, set in many fantasy worlds but focusing mainly on political intrigue and queer relationships of all kinds. She likes to write in overlapping genres like action and romance. She studies anthropology in university and it shows in her work, featuring heavy cultural worldbuilding and an emphasis on history.

Wynn, E.S.
Author, editor, voice-over artist, stock photography model, notary public and paralegal.

York, Kelley
Kelley is a writer of LGBT young adult and new adult fiction…often with a dark twist.